Sunday, August 3, 2014

Close Reading: Point Of View

I'm back this week with Sassy, Savvy, Simple Teaching for Chapter 5 of Falling in Love with Close Reading!

This chapter was about point of view and how that affects the tone of the text. You could model identifying the point of view by using a persuasive article or narrative.
 In my grade level I'll begin by using it with narrative. I want the students to see me making notes and finding evidence to support what I think the character is feeling. Then they'll begin doing this in their own reading. 
I was trying to think of book I could use as an example and I thought of Frindle By: Andrew Clement. I imagine reading with my class or small group. Then we would go back through the chapter jotting down the events and dialogue stated by Nick & Mrs. Granger that form their point of view in the story. There is a lot of subtle messages in this novel that would create discussion between the students and myself. I created a graphic organizer FREEBIE for notes on a narrative. I imagine the kids adding details to the kid image on the paper to make it look like the character they are looking at closely. In my classroom I plan to have half the class look at Nick closely while the other looks at Mrs. Granger. Then the students could use their evidence to show why their character might be acting a certain way in the story. 

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