Sunday, July 27, 2014

Close Reading: Text Structure

We're into Chapter 4 this week with Savvy Simple Teaching!

1. When Reading How Does This Compare to Your Instruction? 
Last year I taught 2nd grade and we didn't use many of the text structure words listed in chapter 4. So I'm making that my first step. I want the students to understand the meaning of these words so they can participate in real conversation about text. I focused on the parts of story plot and created a Plot Mountain using The Three Little Pigs. I did this to show the meaning of introduction, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution.  I think the visual with the definitions will help the kids understand the words with a familiar story. I was inspired by Lucky Little Learners Plot Mountain. Check out her post today!

Click HERE if you're interested in this FREEBIE!

2. How Will I Connect What I Learned to My Instruction?
In my third grade classroom I want to use these words more frequently so I created some posters that could stay up in my room to remind students of these parts of the plot and their meaning. 

The Plot Mountain and Posters will help students see how a text is connected. While reading closely they'll see how the author writes a text to lead the reader down a path.  Students will start to recognize patterns in the clues written by the author and pay better attention to the important details. This skill should help them draw conclusions and really engage in the text. Eventually we hope if we model these skills enough our children will internalize these skills so they can use them while they read independently.

Next week we'll look at Point of View...
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