Tuesday, June 24, 2014

6 Months Until Christmas!

Hey everyone! I'm linking up with Learning Highway and so many other fabulous teachers for a 6 months until Christmas Sale! There are a ton of fabulous teachers that have marked down their TPT Stores June 24-25. Click HERE to enter for a chance to win some amazing products and see all the stores involved in the sale!
If you enter the raffle you have a chance to win my Walk & Solve Parts of Speech activity! This activity gets the kids moving while practicing those parts of speech!

  I hope you get some fabulous activities during the sale! :)

Friday, June 20, 2014

End of the Year Reflection

Well I made it! Wow, what a year! I started the school year, had a baby, was on maternity leave for about 3 months, returned for the last 3 months of the school year, and then got  moved to 3rd grade for next year! *Sigh* So yes I made it, and I'm pretty excited about it! :)
Now is the time to reflect on what went well and what needs improvement....

1. I'm so glad I taught math in small groups this year! The children made so much progress because I was able to teach them at their level.

2. Going along with Guided Math was Math Stations. I created Math Stations that could be done more than once but with slightly different practice of the skill. The kids loved them and I loved that I could set them up at the beginning of the month and leave them out. Yay for simplicity!

3. Writer's Workshop went well too. I improved my mini-lessons a bit and that really helped. I loved seeing the creative ideas in each child's writing. Do you use Writer's Workshop? What's your favorite genre to teach? My students came up with wonderful fairy tales this year so that unit was my favorite.

Room for Improvement... 
1. I'd like to make more math stations like this free place value sample station.

I'm starting 3rd grade in the fall and the main focus is multiplication. I'll need to adjust what I have to make it more challenging.

2. I need to make my reading block more structured. To accomplish this I'm reading The Daily 5 over the summer. Have you read it? I've heard great things and from what I've read so far it sounds like it can be successful if your students understand the expectations. Do you agree? I'd appreciate any advice!

3. My third goal is to blog and create more. It makes me so happy when I can share or find a new idea! There are so many outstanding teachers out there! I want to learn from them and work with them!

Thanks to Laugh Eat Learn  for having a Link-Up! Check out her End of the Year Reflections!