Sunday, August 17, 2014

Close Reading The Final Chapter

1. What Advice Can You Share?
My advice is to talk about how you read as an adult. When I talk about how I visualize ("Make a Movie in Your Mind"), use context clues, and think while I read it helps the kids realize they have to think to read closely. I know it sounds like a simple thing, but it's explicit instruction. I remember being younger and never thinking while I read. I really struggled with comprehension until I was older and a teacher told me to picture what I read. Also, after you model the strategies give the kids a lot of time to try out these skills independently.

2. What New Ideas Do You Have?
I'd like to use movie clips & real life experiences to apply the drawing conclusions skills.

3. How Do I Plan to Implement Close Reading in My Classroom
I plan to use close reading in my guided reading groups. I plan to start by modeling close reading. Then we'll work together until I see they're ready to try it out on their own. During the big back to school sale I scooped up Sassy,Savvy, Simple's Close Reading Packet & I plan to use that at the beginning of the year!
I also plan on giving the kids more time to read. Chapter 7 talks a lot about giving kids the chance to use those close reading strategies independently. I hope to accomplish this by using The Daily 5 this year. Everyone I've talked to just loves the Daily 5 so I'm hopeful I'll have the same success.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you've learned a little something about close reading from our book study!

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