Monday, August 4, 2014

Behavior Management Using Money & Reward Coupons

I bought this super cute mirror at Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago & have been trying t decide what to put on it. I wanted something meaningful, but easy for my third graders to understand.
I have been asking my all my sweet teacher friends and I finally settled on this...

"When given the choice between being right or being kind, choose kind"
Have you read the book Wonder? I read it for Ramona Recommends July book. It was very emotional.  It made me think about my everyday actions. Am I being kind? It's such as important question.
So the mirror will be in our classroom as a reminder to be kind to one another & ourselves.
It was super easy!!! I cleaned the mirror and used these super cute 3D foamy glitter stickers from Hobby Lobby. I also like these stickers because I could change the letters easily at some point in the school year &
keep the kids guessing.

Well the beginning of the year is quickly approaching & I don't know about you but my reaction was 
 "Uhhh, Where did you come from August!?!?!?"
That was a major wake-up call for me! So I worked worked worked... 
Envision smoke coming up from the keyboard as I type and manipulate fabulous clips. Ha!
Not really, but I was working very hard to create Behavior Bucks......

The kids will have the opportunity to earn $5.00 each day. If he or she is off task or not following a class rule he/she will receive the warning table tent. I wanted something they would see & I didn't want it up on the wall. After that I have other table tents yellow (I Owe $1.00), orange (I Owe $2.00), red (I didn't earn my money today) if the negative behaviors continue. They will keep track of the money they earn all week and add up their totals on Friday afternoon. Then they can use the money they have in their wallet (we'll make one in class) to purchase reward coupons...

The reward coupons cost me NO MONEY! Say what!? Yeppers! I didn't want the hassle of stocking a store in my classroom so I have created coupons that are free rewards with the exception of treasure box. I gotta have a treasure box! If you don't want a treasure box just don't print that coupon sheet. Some other examples are, Choose Our Brain Break (Whoop Whoop Go Noodle!), Choose our Math Game, Line Leader, Show & Tell, Use Smelly Markers, and more! I also have Be a Superhero for a Day, Be King or Queen for a Day, and  Be a Pirate for a Day. 

I found these little gems at the Target (#addictedtoTarget) in the party section for $2.00 each! They inspired me to create those coupons! I mean who doesn't want to wear a pirate hat and say "Ahoy Matey" all day!? If they use the superhero coupon they can wear the mask and make up a cool superhero name! I'm looking forward to seeing which coupons the like best & I'm sure those creative kiddos will have even more ideas for me!
I hope you're getting excited for Back to School!!! Ready or not.... 
Thanks for stopping by!
Oh and don't forget about the BIG sale August 4 & 5! My store is 20% off & use BTS14 to get additional savings!! 
I'm off to look at my wishlist...


  1. Hi Kelly, I found your blog in 4th Grade Frolics Monday Made It link up. The title of your blog caught my attention. Love it! And, I also adore the mirror idea. It would be perfect for my middle schoolers. I have a mirror in my room and they all take a peek at themselves every day. What a great way to reinforce kindness. Thank you for sharing.


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