Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Force & Motion

Force & Motion is one of my favorite units to teach in science! It is just too.much.fun! Just finished updating a Force & Motion pack that I've used with my second graders! It's very hands-on and then asks the students to respond after completing the activity. This always help them make sense of what they've done. Plus! They are explaining their scientific thoughts in writing!
I set these up in centers when I have parent volunteers to help out. It's a little chaotic, but the kids always have a GREAT time. Otherwise you can do them as whole class but in small groups.They especially like the marshmallow launch. Here's how you can make some launchers!
Just take a paper party cup, cut out the bottom. Then take a balloon and tie the bottom in a not. Now cut off part of the top (rounded part) and you stretch the balloon to fit onto the bottom of the party cup (I used angry bird cups for fun). Tada! Marshmallow launcher! You drop the marshmallow in the cup and pull on the knotted part & release to launch it. I've used big and mini marshmallows for this, but the big marshmallows seem to work better.
For the center put a piece of tape on the floor so they all stand behind it then I put a tape measure (or laminated paper with measurement) down on the floor so they can see the distance they launched easily. I tried to have them measure on their own one year and it just didn't work out very well because some of those marshmallows can really travel! :) They have a lot of fun with this one. I thought you could do this outside as well and then have a big group discussion or write about how the force changed the motion. I hope you have fun with this idea!
If you're interested in some other force & motions centers with response sheets check it out at my TPT store. Do you have any fun force & motion activities? Please share!

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