Sunday, February 9, 2020

Mixed Math Fact Station

My favorite kind of math stations are those that can easily be implemented, have flexible uses, and can be differentiated. I like to be able to put something out and allow the kids to use it repeatedly if possible. This makes less prep for me, and allows the kids to feel like they can complete the task.

This station is one of the kids' favorites.
The kids can work together or independently on this station.

There are also 2 levels of practice which keeps everyone engaged. The purple ones are addition and subtraction. The yellow, pink and orange set have multipilcation and 3 addends.

After they practice this one a few times I give them blank templates of these petals and centers so they can create their own. This increases rigor, and the kids love creatiing stations that a peer must complete.

What stations do you find the most helpful to your students?
Interested in this one!? Here it is!

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