Monday, May 12, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

I know this is a teaching blog, but I'm going to share some thoughts really quickly & then I'll share what the kiddos did for their mommies...
 This year was my first Mother's Day. It was truly a great day. We hosted a brunch for my mom and all her siblings. The weather was perfect, food was tasty, and the time spent was a blessing. It's funny to me how your priorities and life change the instant you have a child. Your perspective shifts, your schedule becomes based on a tiny human's needs, and overall you feel like the parts of your life (home, work, family, friends) are only getting about 80% of the effort you used to be able to put towards them. But you know what you get in it's place? JOY... pure joy. I have my frustrated, overwhelmed, "OhMyWord I don't know if I can do this" moments sometimes, but I always have JOY. My baby & husband fill me with joy each and every day. I hope that's what your Mother's day was filled with-tons of joy. The kind that makes you feel like you'll burst with little happiness squiggle marks :)

Now onto what the kiddos did for their mommies! We made a little thumbprint necklace, which I forgot to photograph-Oops! I got the idea from here. The little flower themed card turned out great. I used the fabulous clipart from Creative Clips-Krista Wallden. and we created little folded flowers. Cutting things out was the most  involved part of the card.

On the inside of the flowers the kids wrote reasons they loved their mom. The sweetest ones were, "You're the only one I love mommy" and "Thank you for always taking care of me and making yummy food." Melt.My.Heart. I will definitely do these again next year. Kids loved them & I hope the moms did too.

What did you do with your class for Mother's Day?